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Bananas are one of the most important foods for both consumption and trade. Nearly 100 million metric tonnes of bananas are consumed every year, of which about 15 million are exported. They are the fourth most important food staple in the world and the fifth most-traded agricultural commodity (after cereals, sugar, coffee and cocoa), generating billions of dollars.

In the banana industry, production, profits, and market access are highly concentrated. Just five corporations control around 80% of the sales on the banana import market worldwide. Meanwhile, it is hard for small banana farmers and workers on banana plantations to earn a living, and they often work and live in difficult conditions.

What Fairtrade means for banana producers

Bananas bearing the FAIRTRADE Certification Mark are produced by small farmer organizations or on plantations that meet the high social and environmental standards outlined in the Fairtrade Standards. Farmers receive a Fairtrade Minimum Price and a Fairtrade Premium to invest in projects in their communities according to their priorities and needs.

The Fairtrade standards for banana production differ between small farmers' organizations and plantations. However the Fairtrade Minimum Prices and Premium are set at the same level for both types of organization.

Where to Buy

Fairtrade certified bananas may be available in your market. If you can’t find them, request them at your favorite retailer or get in touch with your local labelling initiative by checking out Fairtrade Near You.


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Globally, 1 in 9 people are undernourished. Time to rethink how we grow, share and consume our #food:

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FAIRTRADE Fairtrade Intl

Tipping the Balance - How consumer action creates conditions for govts to change: via @HuffPostUK @HarrietLambFT

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Josephine Aguti, a miner at Uganda’s 1st #Fairtrade gold mine, to visit UK jewellery manufacturer Hockley Mint:

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