Fairtrade Towns

Communities around the world are working to promote Fairtrade in their area to help spread the impact. In the process many communities are meeting goals to become recognised as a Fairtrade Town.

By choosing to support Fairtrade on a community level, your town joins hundreds of communities demanding a trade system that puts people at the heart of the transaction. Your voice becomes louder when you get everyone involved.

Becoming a Fairtrade Town

There are over 1,500 Fairtrade Towns around the world. Most countries share Five Goals for a Fairtrade Town. These goals form the foundation of a strong local and national campaign and help involve lots of different groups and organisations.

The core Five Goals include:

  1. Creating a resolution passed by the local council to support Fairtrade, and serve Fairtrade products during civic functions when possible (for example, in meetings, offices and canteens),
  2. Ensuring that a range of Fairtrade products are available locally (targets vary from country to country),
  3. Promoting Fairtrade and the use Fairtrade products whenever possible in schools, workplaces, places of worship and community organisations,
  4. Generating media coverage and events to raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade across the community,
  5. Recruiting a Fairtrade community steering group to coordinate action and continue the campaign.

Learn how you can get involved and make your town a Fairtrade Town by visiting http://www.fairtradetowns.org/

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