There are over 1200 Fairtrade certified producer organizations around the world representing 1.5 million workers and farmers. That’s a lot of bananas, cocoa, coffee and more. Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark in your favorite stores, shops or online.

Fairtrade certifies around 100 types of products and every year we introduce more. Each product gives you the opportunity to make a difference with your purchase. Read about the Fairtrade products currently available below.

If you are interested in selling or trading Fairtrade products, visit the Fairtrade International website at If you would like to purchase Fairtrade products, visit the

Fairtrade certified products can be found in more than 70 countries around the world. If you can’t find Fairtrade products, talk to you local retailer or get in touch with your local labelling initiative by checking out Fairtrade Near You.

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