New ways for farmers to sell more Fairtrade


Millions of people have already been able to improve their lives through Fairtrade. But there’s still a lot more to do. The new Fairtrade Sourcing Programs create a huge opportunity for cocoa, sugar and cotton farmers to sell more of their crops on Fairtrade terms, meaning more Fairtrade benefits for their farms and communities.


Globally, more and more businesses are committing to buying sustainable cocoa, sugar and cotton, for use across complete product ranges, or even their entire business. Through Fairtrade Sourcing Programs, Fairtrade farmers can sell to these companies who are focused on one or two key commodities, rather than certifying end consumer products. It’s a great way to increase the positive impact of Fairtrade.

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Theodor Kouakou is a cocoa farmer with the Kapatchiva Cooperative in the Ivory Coast. He is one of many farmers that will benefit from the new Fairtrade Sourcing Programs. Photo by Eric St-Pierre/Fairtrade

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